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  • Thailand Exhibition Association (TEA) is the only specialized trade body representing the interests of Thailand’s exhibition industry. Collectively as the voice of our industry, we strive to represent, improve, rally and build a successful community for the benefits of our members and our industry.
  • TEA acts as the bridge to engage and build a trusted partnership with government bodies, advocating for the continued support and development for the benefits of our members and industry.
  • TEA plays a proactive role in forging international collaborations with international trade associations, institutions, and partners to deliver business benefits, networking, knowledge and positive impacts for our members and industry.
  • TEA leads the implementation of educational, sustainability and best practices programs/ initiatives to create learning opportunities, encourage young talents into our industry, and ensuring our industry remains regenerative and sustainable.

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For further information, call us at +66 2744 5370, +66 2744 5371 or by email at [email protected].

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