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Thai Exhibition Associate or TEA was established in1997 to respond to the need of Thai exhibition industry professionals as their representation to deal and liaise with government and other private sectors. TEA was found as a non-profit organization, with its objectives to strengthen Thai exhibition industry and be recognized by locally and internationally.

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TEA, is the only trade shows and exhibition association in Thailand that provides resourceful information as well as business assistance to organizations in Thailand and around the globe as well as to extend network potential among its members and the global exhibition industry.

Our Objectives

Develop Thailand as a Global International Center for Trade Shows & Exhibitions. Thai Exhibitions being recognized for quality, efficiency, effectiveness and attractiveness for the maximum benefits of all industry stakeholders.

To promote international standards, services, image and growth of the Thai exhibition industry.
To educate and encourage government and academic institutions to play active roles in development of sustainability for Thai exhibition industry.
To facilitate and building strong relationship between our members and government agencies, associations and related business entities.
To communicate the value of exhibition industry to business communities and government in Thailand.
To measure the impact of Thai exhibition industry to Thai economic growth.
To provide to members on information resources, growth projections and market insight of exhibition industry.

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TEA Member Benefits

Member Benefits

  • Thailand Exhibition Association (TEA) is the only specialized trade body representing the interests of Thailand’s exhibition industry. Collectively as the voice of our industry, we strive to represent, improve, rally and build a successful community for the benefits of our members and our industry.
  • TEA acts as the bridge to engage and build a trusted partnership with government bodies, advocating for the continued support and development for the benefits of our members and industry.
  • TEA plays a proactive role in forging international collaborations with international trade associations, institutions, and partners to deliver business benefits, networking, knowledge and positive impacts for our members and industry.
  • TEA leads the implementation of educational, sustainability and best practices programs/ initiatives to create learning opportunities, encourage young talents into our industry, and ensuring our industry remains regenerative and sustainable.

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For further information, call us at +66 2744 5370, +66 2744 5371 or by email at [email protected].

Ordinary members

  1. Eligible to be nominee for executive committee election in each term of two years
  2. Eligible to receive governments or any other organizations call for bidding opportunities
  3. Sharing of inquiries from others who are interested in service categories of TEA members

Ordinary/Affiliates members

  1. Be able to make suggestions to TEA as a middleman to solving issues arising among members and other government offices and organizations
  2. Eligible to enroll in any events organized by UFI or others organizations that TEA has been in contact with, such as UFI Open Seminar, etc.

All members

  1. Eligible to use TEA’s name and logo in various promotion media or company stationery of the company such as: name cards; pamphlets; company’s letterheads; posters; and social media to create awareness and confidence to public.
  2. Be able to ask for assistance, support or knowledge from TEA for business advancement.
  3. Receiving an introductory letter for business traveling abroad for any business contacts and meetings arrangement.
  4. Receiving any publications or information from TEA or related organizations regarding industry news, articles, updates, etc.
  5. Publicity of members information and activities through TEA’s website with authorization from TEA PR committee.
  6. Eligible for discount or member rate when attending any events organized by the TEA, TICA or TCEB.
  7. Accessibility to publications or working space (short time use) at TEA office including the use of TEA’s office facilities: internet, fax, photocopy machine.
  8. Exposure of members printed collaterals at TEA’s booth or TEA events, such as industry trade shows, Road Shows, Bowling/Golf Tournament etc.
  9. Publicity of job offering by members in TEA’s website public at no cost.